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Mobile VoIP means making VoIP calls through mobile phones, with the increasing smartphone penetration and the usage of mobile internet (3G, 4G and Wi-Fi), Mobile VoIP is constantly  gaining ground. Apart from low cost calls, Mobile VoIP facilitates IP Calls, Mobile Top Up and a host of Value Added Services (VAS).

Hence, more and more service providers are leaning towards Mobile VoIP to attain higher revenue.

DialerApp provides the critical elements required to make Mobile VOIP a reality.

DialerApp for VOIP service providers

DialerApp on the client side is a set of Carrier grade Mobile VOIP Dialer s with functionality, modules and VAS that can be added and customized according to our client’s aspirations.

Our dialer s are built specifically for VOIP service providers, Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and brands looking to enter the market place by providing a value added service to their existing customers or subscribers.

The aim of DialerApp is to create another dimension or layer of VOIP service through the strong culture of Mobile Apps and offer subscriber convenience, confidence and a range of value added services that complement the brand launching the service.

With On-Net FREE Communications for your Subscribers World Wide.

DialerApp is a complete Eco system & Mobile VOIP Solution that allows new and existing service providers to launch next generation communication services like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. VOIP service providers benefit by offering these services & create revenues from international calling, SMS, advertising and other Value added services.

DialerApp through its products helps brands to take advantage of the rise of “FREE ON NET Communications”, by including these Value added Services to our core product line of Mobile, WIFI, VOIP & 3G soft phone dialers.

The good news is our clients can leave all the technology, infrastructure and complexities of 1st line and 2nd line of support completely to DialerApp and choose only to directly collect revenues through their merchant services.

Our range of Mobile dialers enable brands from various industries to rapidly roll out cost effective solutions to cater for the surge and unprecedented growth of mobile VOIP calling, Video calling and instant and presence based messaging.

Our highly advanced “mobile client”, based on industry standard protocols and complete solution from client side application to servers provides our customers a powerful and proven Mobile Dialer/soft phone Solution.

WE provide a fully Branded Mobile solution and help our clients to customize it by adding modules, Value Adds and other customizations according to their target audiences.

Our focus is on the complexities of the mobile & VOIP Eco systems allowing our clients to remain focused on their core competencies. All of our products are fully supported and tested with new releases.


  • Experience The DialerApp difference

  • Regularly tested with new mobile handset releases

  • Hi Quality User experience

  • Advanced mechanisms for “NAT”

  • Works on Any Network

  • Works in Blocked areas

  • Wide band Audi Codec Support

  • Advanced Media Quality

  • Full 2nd Line Support

  • Continuous updates

  • Optimized for various chip-sets

  • Optimized for Audio drivers

  • Tested with most popular Soft Switches